We started with our humble beginnings in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, V'SCARF is a digital shop for modest wear where we bring not only the quality fabrics from Turkey but also stylish and modern wear that matches the elegance of Malaysian women.

V'SCARF was born out of the need to provide affordable and modern modest wear in Malaysia without sacrificing quality and modesty. From the different styles ranging from subtle to classic lines to bold and modern patterns, we merged it with quality fabrics from 100% cotton to Medina Silk - a quality craftsmanship and artistry every Malaysian girl deserves and only V'SCARF promises to deliver.

Our brand promise is to craft modest wear for all women and to empower the  freedom to wear what best tells your story - those principles are woven in every fabric that V'SCARF creates and hand-picks for you straight from Turkey.

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